Sweeney Rebrand & Website

Sweeney has evolved inside and out, over its 35 years in business. As the company's services and specialties evolved, so did its visual identity. When I joined the team in 2019, I discovered that the concept of the latest brand identity was strong, but the execution lacked the ownability and craftsmanship I intended to infuse into the companies identity — not only in our visual brand, but also in all the design work we produced for clients. The first step was to rebulid the logo with a stronger foundation and a more keen sensitivity to proper letterform customization. Next, we overhauled the website to portray the agency as a high-end competitor in the marketing space. The updated visual identity encapsulates Sweeney’s past as a classic print-PR firm, and looks toward its future as a creative-marketing agency, with the caliber of quality, customization, and precision found in the team's everyday work. 

Role | Art Direction & Creative Direction
Agency | Sweeney
The full website may be viewed at ThinkSweeney.com

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