Redefine Alcohol Safety Campaign

The Redefine campaign was designed for the Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Liquor Control with the goal of reducing under-age drinking and promoting responsible alcohol consumption among adults.
Contrary to traditional "scare tactic" campaigns, this campaign was designed to convey a positive, inviting perspective to inspire the teen audience to live life to the fullest, without relying on alcohol to have fun. Tongue-in-cheek messaging combined with a minimalist aesthetic made the campaign approachable for the young audience, using word and image pairings which each juxtaposed an alcohol-connotative term against a synonymous, non-alcohol related image.
In addition to teen-targeted content, a secondary tier of the campaign was created for the retailer audience, encouraging responsible distribution of alcohol — visuals for which took a slightly more mature tone.
The campaign as a whole consisted of a website, promotional video, social media content, and printed promotional materials. 

Role | Art Direction, Creative Direction, Messaging & Script Writing
Client | Ohio Department of Commerce, Division of Liquor Control
Agency | Prosper for Purpose

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