SCS Rebrand & Website

This cyber security company approached our team in search of an improvement to their brand credibility through design and marketing. It was initially decided we should begin with the foundation, by addressing discrepancies in their full name at the time — Secure Compliance Solutions. The name posed challenges because it did not fully articulate their main service offerings, but rather implied they solely provided web compliance services, when in fact they also specialize in cybersecurity. They also wished to maintain their acronym "SCS." The were satisfied with my proposition to change their full name to "Security & Compliance Solutions." From there, we resolved structural and proportional flaws in their logo, as well as redesigned their website to elevate customer perceptions of the company as a top competitor in the marketplace. Live development of the website is currently in progress.

Role | Art Direction & Creative Direction
Client | SCS (Security & Compliance Solutions)
Agency | Sweeney

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